The Beginning of an Adventure

An old colleague of mine once appeared on the wedding television show where the Groom plans the entire wedding for the Bride in return they receive a sum of money for the wedding. With many wedding shows on television focusing on getting everything absolutely perfect, it is hard to lose sight of the true meaning of the day. So much pressure is placed on the couple to host an amazing wedding that it can become difficult to understand why anyone would try to plan a wedding at all. There are a million things that could go wrong on the day, but it's how we react to the situation that really defines the memory. Whilst shooting a wedding last year, the bride got her dress caught in something that then caused quite a bit of damage. However, she didn't let it ruin her day. She put on a brave face, did a few repairs and returned to her new husband who helped lift her back up to the spirit of the day. This is what a wedding is about, it's showing you both that you are in it together, having both organised a day that could be immensely stressful, ignoring all of that stress and enjoying the celebration as the start of a wonderful life together.

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