Memories of a Distant Place

I couldn't not post about Cornwall after yesterdays post, it just felt wrong. Having spent three years living down there and experiencing a lot of what was on offer, I left with a lump in my throat and a desire to return. However, as anybody returning to their University town will tell you, it's just not the same. After visiting a few friends and trying to relive some of the things I enjoyed there, there was still something missing. It felt hollow, almost like my memories of the town were false. It took me a while to discover why it all felt so distant, but finally it made a lot of sense. We latch onto memories of a place, memories made with people - friends, family, even coworkers. These memories are of moments where you were in a specific mindset, a different time almost, where you were completely away from the stress and anxieties of everyday life. Once a memory has been made, it is near impossible to recreate it, to try to relive the same moment. That memory will always be there though. The times I had in Cornwall will always be mine and I will never forget them, but to enjoy Cornwall I had to start looking to future memories, future holidays with new and old friends. Incidentally, this is also why I love photographing the love between a couple on their wedding day. With so much planning and preparation going into one day, it is going to go by so fast that you may find yourself sad to see it end. You don't dwell on it though, because it is a celebration of what is yet to come, a celebration of a future life together. In years to come you'll look back at your wedding album, possibly surrounded by children (maybe even grandchildren) and remember what an amazing day it was. Yes, your children may laugh at your 'trendy' hairstyles or your hilarious dancing caught on video but those memories will remain truly unique to you and your partner.

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