Where it all Began

Producing commercial product and lifestyle videos was, at one point, my full time job. I had never considered that one day I would be shooting weddings full time. I had only ever attended my Uncle's wedding over a decade ago. So when we heard the news that my brother was marrying his beautiful girlfriend, I was over the moon! As I heard more and more about the wedding plans, I became increasing excited for the big day.

Throughout University, I had always been the go-to guy for documenting events and get-togethers, having photographed my friend's book launch and several parties, as well as many adventures with the kayaking club, so I hoped I could get the chance to create a short film for my brother and his soon to be wife. Somehow I managed to capture most of the day whilst remaining true to my best man duties... apart from when I left the ring in the room and had to run up ten minutes before the event, but otherwise things went smoothly.

The whole day was fantastic, perfect for such an amazing couple. When it came to editing the footage, I realised how much I had enjoyed documenting the occasion. Being able to provide a story of their day whether it was photo or video, is something truly unique. Two years later, I have improved significantly and enjoy it more than ever. At almost every wedding, myself and my second shooter, Stuart, look at each other and mention how we can never believe that it's a job! Not only getting to be a part of the joyous atmosphere, but to be able to capture those moments for a couple to treasure for the rest of their lives, is truly special.

Location - Wethele Manor, Leamingston Spa (https://www.wethelemanor.com)

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