Hi, my name's Steve and I'm a Wedding Photographer based in South Wales. Having documented many different forms of photography in the past, nothing has sparked my passion more than weddings. Being able to capture a day filled with love, romance and laughter is something I never take for granted.

It all began at an early age whilst on holiday in Cyprus. Capturing my first simple shot of a winding mountain road, soon became a coincidental metaphor for my future. After studying photography and film at University, I graduated into a job with a commercial media team producing lifestyle and product content. I was more than happy in my job, until I was asked to shoot my Brother's wedding. On that day I discovered photography could tell stories, document emotions and capture the love between two people and their family and friends.

Over the years, I have developed a passion for storytelling in photography. Whether it's a tale of love and romance, an adventure to somewhere new and exciting or an interesting character with an interesting background. Every story is unique.

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